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Foto:Kristofer Johnsson

Trend Exhibition 2017/18: Contrasts

“Contrasts” is the underlying theme for and name of our Trend Exhibition 2017/18, which has been created by stylist Lotta Agaton. The exhibition will offer contrasts in materials and furniture as well as surprising combinations.

A visible trend within the furniture and lighting industry is that the line separating residential from public interiors is being erased. This is evident in manufacturers’ product ranges as well as interior designs; it is becoming more common to see a mix of styles. This trend is also reflected in Trend Exhibition 2017/18, which offers up contrasts on several levels.

Lotta Agaton is one of Sweden’s leading interior stylists and she also works as a creative consultant. She is based out of Stockholm and has worked as a stylist for more than 20 years on projects throughout the world. Lotta Agaton has one of Sweden’s leading design blogs.